Friday, May 9, 2008

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Celebrate Success Friday

What a great call today with our Team Leader Gay Ellen. We love to hear the success of all you wonderful people on our team! We are so blessed and praise God for what He is doing in your lives!

The Success~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Carol ~~~ Calling old leads, sending Go Giver packets, working on notebook and getting results! Awesome!

Joy ~~~ 5-6 people in the pipeline; many wanting to do the business, two appointments this morning, Cancun is looking close for her future paid vacation. Says follow up works! Accountability is a big help for her! We are so proud of you!

Carolyn ~~~ Talked to more people, said being held accountable for actions is really helping her. Very proud of her son Spencer's work. Super Job Family!

Kevin ~~~ All stars on board, 14 people in the pipeline, Keeping track of people and follow up is making a big difference! Has 146 points for the Cancun trip! WOW, our hero!!

Thanks for sharing team we are BLESSED by your faithfulness and efforts! Keep it up!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mannafest 2008 Team Leaders

What an amazing MannaFest! God really blessed this conference! We had a great time with our team and learned a ton of stuff! Next, is MannaQuest 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. All of us need to be there and celebrate the lives that have changed, the fun we have had and the exciting next wave of our future.

Our wonderful team partners the Hunts! Wow, talk about focus and achieving goals! This family can win an incentive and far surpass many of us. The driving force behind them is to serve others and help. Carolyn is a single mom of 4 kids but doesn't let that stop her. It only pushes her further and faster ahead. We love you guys! We are very proud of you too!

Gay Ellen Wulff - OK, this was our very first business builder! Although she just wanted to "try" some stuff, her whole life was changed and, yes, then she was hooked. She knew she had to tell others and watch them be blessed as she had been. She has put in hours with her team....calls to help and keep everyone informed and motivated, placing orders and having blasts on the free cruises and trips Mannatech pays for!! We could not live without this wonderful women!

Of course, Ken and Dottie Anderson. aka 'Dad and Mom'. They are AGAIN, of all the Mannatech 2008 Associates -----Top Servants, Top 10 income earners, Top leaders, Top encouragers, Top Givers and Top Parents and Grandparents to their soon to be 31 Grandkids!!! Giving is a NEVER ending way of life for these two and we always are learning from them.

Dan Smiley. This was my husband's schoolmate. He has taken the gift of Mannatech to so many and he shares the gift with whoever is breathing and within 5 feet of himself. We are proud of him and know he will be another one of our business builders. Look out Mannatech...we have an AWESOME team!

There were other KEY team members there but we did not get pictures with everyone, sorry to say. Kevin and Bonnie Hurley, do by far, deserve to be pictured here! Again incentive winners, and Go-Givers! Kevin has so much knowledge on the health side of things and I don't think we could ever count how many lives have been blessed by his giving. He is faithful to keep working, yet never stops sharing and helping others!

Joy and Carol are great ladies and I am so excited to see the outcome of this MannaFest in their lives, yes, as well as the lives of so many others! So sweet in their countenance, yet so bold in their sharing. I can't wait to get to know them more.

And....Troy, our Big brother and Team leader as well as Presidential. It was awesome to share time with him. Again, he has helped us and given of himself to see others prosper. Troy is father of (soon to be) 7 children and husband to an awesome supportive wife, Heather. Troy has really taken on the gift of Mannatech and blessed us immensely! Love you brother!! We are all looking forward to seeing the Mannatech family, Team grow by leaps and bounds this year!

God Bless you all